Royal Tiger Tadoba    18-Jan-2023
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The area is among the best to do safari in India. You have opportunity to enjoy Jeep Safari and Canter Safari at Tadoba National Park.

The best time to view game is in the early morning and late afternoon from open-top safari vehicles. The morning starts with tea or coffee at 5.30am with vehicles leaving resort shortly thereafter or you can walk to the Entrance gate of Park. Excursions last around 4 hours and take place twice a day. Trips are led by National Park-appointed guides who take guests through the park on a variety of routes. The morning excursion returns at about 10.00am when breakfast is served in the Dining Hall. Afternoon excursions starts at around 2.30pm and generally return at 6.30pm when evening snacks and tea will be served at lawn. Excursion times are set by the park authorities as only a limited number of vehicles are permitted inside the park. Safaris need to be secured prior to arrival by online booking.

Canter Safari
Canter Safari is one of the most adventurous and best way to explore the wildlife. Canter safari is a common safari in that 22 people can accommodate in a time, it is a shared safariand Canter is like an Open mini Bus. It covers all the root on which gypsy goes and there are 2 guides in the canter. It is especially for those who plan in 11th hour and it is economical because it’s on per seat basis. To book Safari in advance, one can visit the DFO Office, Chandrapur or online canter booking is available from official website.

Buffer Zone Safari

Tadoba buffer zone is an excellent place, adjoining and just outside the tiger reserve. This area is full of Tigers, Leopards, Bears, Gaurs, herbivorous animals and large variety of birds.. There are bamboo forests here that are tall and pristine. Indulge in nature photography and you can also click photos of the amazing wildlife that you will get to see around here, including the most majestic feline of the forest, the tiger!Tigers and other animals of TATR are frequently use this area for water in summer, because of good availability of water of Erai dam. For administrative purpose only Mohurli Core Zone and Mohurli Buffer Zone is separate, otherwise it’s an integrated forest with highest density of Tiger’s on Basis. This Mohurli Buffer Zone of Tadoba Tiger reserve is as rich as Core Zone.


Nearby Safari gates and places from Royal Tiger Resort

Core gate

  • Mohurli Gate - 200 Mtrs
  • Khutwanda Gate - 15 kms

Buffer gates

  • Junona Gate - 01.5 Kms
  • Agarzari Gate - 05 Kms
  • Dewada/Adegaon - 05 Kms
  • Mamla Gate - 45 kms

Other Places to visit

  • Bufferfly park - 8 kms
  • Nature walk - 8kms
  • Boat safari - 5 kms

Park safari timings are as follows –

 Period  Morning  Evening
 Entry   Exit   Entry   Exit 
 1st Oct to 30th Nov  06.00 to 08.00  10.00  14.30 to 16.00  18.30
 1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb  06.30 to 08.30  11.00  14.00 to 15.30  18.00
 1st Mar to 30th April  06.00 to 08.30  10.30  14.30 to 16.30  18.30
 1st May – 30thJune  05.30 to 07.30  10.00  15.00 to 17.00  19.00

Please note:-

There could be change in the above timings.

Safari booking opens 120 days prior of the safari date.

Core zone are closed on Tuesdays and Buffer zone are closed on Wednesdays.