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Royal Tiger Tadoba    18-Jan-2023
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Water is the source of life and livelihoods and it also sustains natural eco system, with depleting water level through world is the big cause of concern. Same is applicable to humanity and animals. Human intelligence made his own ways to procure his own water. But what about wild animals?

As summer approached, the temperature soon began to rise. The natural sources began to dry. The water sources were not enough to fulfill the needs of the growing population of animals in the jungle. Mr. Dhanajay Bapat personally experienced the thirst of water when animals come to their regular water source and returning back without water when he use to move in jungle as a tourist or wild life lover. In search of water wild animals started to approach nearby villages which gave rise to man animal conflicts. This was not new for the villagers of Moharli but Mr. Bapat was alarmed and decided to overcome this problem of wild life. He discussed this issue with his friends / nature lovers and people who shared similar concern. A group of 10 along with Mr.Bapat was soon created who believed in sharing responsibility towards nature. They named it as “Water is Life “.

They started supplying water to wild animals by tanker and creating artificial water tanks by digging and putting plastic at about 7 different places in Moharlee range with help and support from forest department. This was first ever attempt made by any Individual at this scale for entire dry season in year 2010. They use to provide daily about 20,000 liter of water, quenching thirst of all animals in Moharlee range of TATR. When highest capacity water body Irai Dam was at its lowest level and animals could not reach up to water because of muddy marshy area.Digging up water hole in identified location, filling it up with water tanks mounted on jeeps under personl supervision. – This way the group use to work.

save water handpump


Wandering for water was over and animals accepted the water holes.

But then the other concern was, that the holes are man-made. So artificial water hole was not going to be a permanent solutions. Something more was required to be done. The right solution to that is solar energy pumps which can givefresh & adequate continuous water supply, least man / vehicle dependency, permanent water supply to water holes. And first trial of this type of pumps was taken in April 2013. And then Solar panels were installed on the existing water holes so that the water is supplied to animals who are already dependent on it.

After the solar pumps were fully approved and permission was granted from the higher authorities, solar pumps were installed in the natural bodies which dry up during summer.

To this noble causeState Bank of India extended a helping hand.In 2015SBI donated one such pump which was installed at Devada.The bank was satisfied with the efforts of “Water is life Society” andagreed to further finance by way of donation 47 more pumps. at an approximate cost of Rs 25 Lakhs which are installed then and maintained by “Water is Life Society” which now fulfilling the entire requirement of the core area of the same TATR.

Since last six years the work is continuously going on with personal efforts of “Water is life society “and this activity reduced animal movement and in particular no man animal conflict was registered due to Tiger in Moharli range.

“Water is Life “– Making the nature smile